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Groundbreaking Patented Antimicrobial Anti-Bacteria Nanotechnology

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Bio-Spear in the Workplace

Anti-Bacteria Nanotechnology

BIO-SPEAR is EPA registered and environmentally safe. It can be easily applied to virtually any surface or fabric. The active ingredient in BIO-SPEAR creates a non leaching, positively charged polymer that chemically bonds to the treated surface, creating an anti-bacterial cleansed area lasting for up to ninety days.

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Proven in the Hotel Industry

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Bio-Spear at Home

Safe Easily Applied Bio-Technology

Unlike all other antimicrobials which contain heavy metals and other poisons, Bio-Spear controls bacteria with a mechanical kill rather than by leaching poisons. This means that there is no zone of inhibition, so mutation cannot take place, which is the primary causes of superbugs such as MRSA (Staphylococcus) .

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