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Groundbreaking Patented Antimicrobial Anti-Bacteria Nanotechnology

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In Today's Modern World

It seems every time you watch the news or read a newspaper there is a story about microbes or infection or microbial mutation or the growing ineffectiveness of antibiotics. This is hardly surprising as infection is the No.1 cause of death worldwide and No.3 in the USA. 25 years ago 80% of infections where controlled by antibiotics; today less than 50% are controllable.

Superbug mutations caused by disinfectants, sterilants and chemicals are becoming more and more prevalent. Absenteeism costs the USA $50bn per year alone. Bio-spear helps protect from this threat in a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

Recommended for use in

Hospitals & Health Care

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Easily Applied To Surfaces

Bio-Spear is very easy to apply to surfaces using simple sprayers, electric foggers, or just with an impregnated cloth. Fabrics including bed linen, duvets, uniforms and every day clothes are washed normally, then Bio-Spear is added to the final rinse cycle of the wash. Bio-Spear starts to work as soon as the treated surface dries (3-5 minutes).

Bio-Spear has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and has a long history of safe use. Bio-Spear adds an extra layer of protection and makes all surfaces that are treated easier to clean and keeps them cleaner and fresher between cleanings and enhances even the most meticulous cleaning protocols and procedures.

Recommended for use in

Restaurants & Hotels